Most of the clients I see have chronic or load-induced pain. Within up to 4 sessions we are typically able to resolve muscle and nerve impingement pains for good.

In acute cases, some relief can be offered. Yet it is highly recommended that you allow warm compress and rest to the place of injury.


You are a practicing athlete or a yoga teacher/ student and you want more stability or strength to your movement. Over a course of 4-8 sessions, we can improve your performance and build up stability in your feet, pelvis, neck and shoulders and back muscles.

One of the typical treatments is diaphragm synchronization for improved lung volume. 


One of the common reasons for chronic pain and low physical performance is incorrect posture. With NKT methods posture improves with each session through the resolution of muscle, ligament and fascia tension. Naturally.

Common posture corrections include uneven hip or shoulder positioning, over-pronounced curvatures of the spine, some forms of scoliosis and neck hump. Some of these conditions can be resolved in up to 4 sessions, some require 4-8 sessions to treat.


Eyes are the largest stimulants of the brain with 80% of the information from surroundings coming through visual stimuli.

The healthier your eyes are, the more capacity the brain has
for other information and movement processing.

NKT allows for manual correction of the following conditions: double vision, dizziness induced by eye movement. In some cases need for eyeglasses can be removed completely. In most cases pairing a set of NKT sessions with an upcoming eye exam will get you into weaker prescriptions.


Internal organs play a separate important role in the vitality of the human body. With Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) abdominal massage I clear congestion and define through palpation possible root causes for the abdominal disbalance.


If you are a woman, I can help if you are suffering from painful pelvic floor dysfunctions such as vaginitis, I-III degree uterus prolapse, painful intercourse, loss of libido.

If you are a man, I can help with erection dysfunction (ED), varicocele, loss of sensation and general sedimentation build up in the prostate and surrounding tissues.

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