After having my little girl I have gained some weight and decided to start jogging practice. 15 minutes into practice I was having jolting pain in my hip. One treatment session with Valentina resolved my issue. The homework she gave me was quick and efficient (1 minute only!) and it has allowed me to jog pain-free ever since.

Marina P.

I fell badly while playing rugby once. Since then have been having relentless pains in my back for 7 years. The only thing that helped was smoking pot. After 3 treatment sessions with Valentina, the pain was gone. To be honest, I wasn't consistent with the homework she gave me.

Oliver B.

I have been suffering from ischias pain for close to 42 years. Nothing was helping. The first session with Valentina and the life long pain was miraculously gone. I couldn't believe it! We had 8 sessions in total as I have accumulated quite a bit of injury during my life and sports hobby. During this time I could walk pain-free first time in 7 years, lost 8 kg of weight and in general got back my joy of life. Thank you!

Natalia L.


My leg has been side-bent for close to 30 years. Mostly asymptomatic with occasional walking pains. With NKT Valentina managed to get it more to a straight line. My posture also improved which made it much easier to walk and perform on stage.

Valentina is also a skilled tantric massage practitioner. With a gentle and caring approach to everything she does. Highly recommend! 

Vincent B.

Valentina has offered me a Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai Nei Tsang combined massage session. It was my first session ever and she helped me feel comfortable and relaxed. I have also learned a lot about my body and internal organs. She explained everything in very simple terms. She has also helped me resolve the numbness I have felt for quite some time in my labia majora and vaginal canal. 

Sylvia P.

Valentina gave me my first pleasure massage, the yoni massage. It took me some time to overcome the cultural stigma I had in my head about a woman touching my sexual organs. But she was there all the way with me. Taking care and being strictly professional. I got nine orgasms in an hour. Nine different juicy orgasms that have filled my body with joy and wonder for life. Darling, keep doing what you are doing! You are an absolute gift to this world!

Lydia L.